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Gavin Artz

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What others have said about Gavin Artz:

VET-Learning 11

Gavin Artz gave the Keynote at the 2011 Vocational Education and Training Conference on E-Learning. Gavin presented on the National Broadband Network in Plain English. Below are participant responses to the Keynote presentation:

I didn’t want to admit it but I was confused by the whole NBN thing, but Gavin explained it so clearly that now I can talk about it at meetings and feel I know what I am talking about!

I’ve been trying to keep up with what is happening, but when people talk NBN I always thought this had nothing to do with me….but now I know it does.”

The Age

Melbourne daily paper “The Age” describes Gavin Artz as a “technology expert”.

Adelaide Now

“Adelaide Now” describes Gavin Artz as one of “Australia’s forward creative thinkers”.

User Generated Cities (Renew Adelaide)

This cutting edge cultural, community and economic renwal project calls Gavin Artz one of the “most innovative thinkers in the country”


“Gavins involvement with rezon8, firstly as a mentor and more recently as a founding member of our Advisory Board has been invaluable in our early stage commercialisation and start up activity. Through Gavin we have drawn in some seemingly impossible connections when needed, moving rezon8 forward rapidly and seamlessly. Within a 6 month period under Gavin’s guidance, we have transformed an art project into a commercially viable company with an innovative, investor ready business model. We can’t endorse Gavin Atrz highly enough.”

Jimmy McGilchrist, Creative Director, rezon8


Tonkin Corporation 3rd Annual IP Management in Practice Confrence

Gavin Artz presented AncillaryIPs at this conference for IP professionals.

average rating of  8/10.

The feedback from delegates:

“Very informative – applicable”
“Interesting perspective on an unfamiliar subject”
“Clear, logical, informative”
“Very comprehensive”
“Practical and interesting”
“Very practical”
“Interesting material”
“Clear, practical, applicable”
“A very insightful presentation, well delivered and very detailed”
“Well presented. High value topic and discussion points”
“Highly informative”
“Sound information”
“Good practical advice”
“Very good presentation”
“Interesting insights”
“Good clear pack of information”
“Very practical, insightful”
“Thorough and well presented”
“Interesting and thought provoking”

Collections Australia Network

Gavin Artz is finding business models for artists working in the digital arena. His previous career saw him working with corporate giants, now he is the chief executive at the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT). As he undertakes his MBA exploring the relationships between creativity and business management, the arts community has someone looking after its financial future.

Gavin Artz Speaking at the Rotary Club of Adelaide West Inc.

Rotary Aug 09 – PDF